ZinKlad 250 meets the John Deere finish specifications to JDM-15

ZinKlad Specification Zinc Passivate
250 JDM-15 Zinc TriPass ELV

John Deere specification JDM-15 is for the replacement of hexavalent chromium based passivates. ZinKlad applicators who wish to process to JDM-15 will have to obtain PPAP approval in order to process work.

ZinKlad 250 is an hexavalent chromium-free coating system that will meet today's industry demands for high performance surface treatments. It combines a homogenous metallic zinc deposit of 8 microns minimum thickness, with a high build iridescent passivate and clear topcoat. ZinKlad 250 consistently meets minimum performance demands for corrosion and torque modification.