MacDermid Enthone Phosphating products produce high quality coatings, meeting the most demanding requirements for the following applications:

  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • General Engeneering
  • Construction
  • Furniture

The properties of the coating in terms of weight, thickness and topography can be adjusted to meet appropriate specifi cations.

In addition MacDermid Enthone offers the products for pre and post-treatment, which are Cleaners, Pickling products, Conditioners, Passivation, Friction modifi ers, Corrosion protective oils and Lubricants. 

All products show economical low consumption, cost-effective working temperature and reduced sludge formation

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Low temperature, nickel-free, nitrate-accelerated, microcrystalline calcium modified zinc phosphate

KeyKote 514 is production proven to deliver phosphate coating thicknesses of 1.5 to 6 μm (weight 3 – 12 g/m²). Customer feedback has also confirmed that it produces less sludge in operation.

KeyKote 514 is a direct replacement for;

  • Chlorate accelerated and/or
  • Nitrate-accelerated
  • Nickel-containing (as well as nickel free)

Microcrystalline phosphate products currently used for corrosion protection or friction coefficient adjustment in combination with suitable oils and friction modifiers.

KeyKote 514 Sales Sheet


Low temperature, nickel-free, nitrate-accelerated, heavy weight zinc phosphate

KeyKote 750 is a drop in place replacement for nickel containing heavy weight phosphate products. typically used for corrosion protection in combination with suitable oils.

In production we have proved that coating thicknesses of 3 to 15 μm (11 – 30 g/m²) are easily obtained.

Products Description
Keykote, Canphos, Masco Manganese, zinc and iron phosphate systems for paint pre-treatment, metal forming, wear resistance and rust protection in conjunction with the MacDermid Vinbrite range of oils and waxes
New Dimensions A range of innovative cleaners providing reliable water-based alternatives to solvent degreasing.
Sintklin, Masco A range of aqueous based cleaners for the cleaning of components before secondary operations or inspection. Nitrite, formaldehyde and boron free.

KeyKote 750 Sales Sheet

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MacDermid engineering phosphates include zinc, manganese, and iron phosphate processes:

  • Heavy weight zinc and zinc/iron phosphates to provide corrosion resistance and to facilitate cold forming
  • Medium weight zinc phosphate for the bonding of rubber and adhesives
  • Heavy weight manganese phosphate for wear reduction and corrosion resistance
  • Nickel-free zinc and manganese phosphates are available
  • Vinbrite and Phosphotex corrosion protective oils and waxes provide superior corrosion resistance and lubrication


Aqueous cleaners for the engineering and metal working industries:

  • Removal of metal working fluids, coolant, oil, grease, swarf and other shop soils
  • Used prior to inspection, assembly, heat treatment or between operations
  • Nitrite and boron free rust inhibition and formaldehyde-free biocides
  • Suitable for most types of cleaning plant including dunk, spray and immersion
  • Provides a reliable alternative to solvent cleaning